Mathura Nagar Nigam Election Result 2017 (मथुरा नगर निगम चुनाव परिणाम) – Ward Wise Winner Name Parshads and Mayor Result

By | November 27, 2017

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State Election commission of Uttar Pradesh has conducted the Mathura Nagar Nigam Election on November 26, 2017 from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM in all wards of Mathura Nagar Nigam. Mathura Nagar Nigam election was conducted for Mayor  (मथुरा नगर निगम महापौर चुनाव ) & parshads  (पार्षद) on November 26 by the UP SEC. Mathura Nagar Nigam Mayor seat is reserved for SC category candidates. The voting percentage in Mathura Nagar Nigam for all wards was 41.36%.

UP SEC will announce the Mathura Nagar Nigam election on December 1, 2017 on the official website as the vote counting will start. As the UP SEC will announce the result of Mathura Nagar Nigam we will also update the result ward wise here.  All major parties has contested the Mathura Nagar Nigam election for Mayor & parshads posts. Mathura Nagar Nigam Election Result 2017 will be very important for all major parties.

Mathura Nagar Nigam Election Result 2017 – Mayor Post Result

Winner Name Reservation Party Name
 Mukesh SC  BJP


Mathura Nagar Nigam Election Result 2017 – Ward wise Parshad Name & Details


Ward No Ward Name Reservation Category Winner Name (Parshad)
Ward No. 1 Taiyabpur  SC Women
Ward No. 2 Birjapur  SC Women
Ward No. 3 Girdharpur  SC Women
Ward No. 4 Bharatpur Gate  SC Women
Ward No. 5 Lohavan  SC
Ward No. 6 Gandhi Nagar  SC
Ward No. 7 Aurangabad – I  SC
Ward No. 8 Tarsi  SC
Ward No. 9 Palikheda  SC
Ward No. 10 Aduki  SC
Ward No. 11 Baad  SC
Ward No. 12 Kota  SC
Ward No. 13 Laxmi Nagar Yanunapar  OBC
Ward No. 14 Ishapur Yamunapar  OBC
Ward No. 15 Ahir Pada  OBC
Ward No. 16 Nawada  OBC
Ward No. 17 Krishna Nagar – I  Unreserved
Ward No. 18 Badri Nagar  OBC Women
Ward No. 19 General Ganj Unreserved
Ward No. 20 Arjun pur  Women
Ward No. 21 Chharaura OBC Women
Ward No. 22 Bakalpur  OBC Women
Ward No. 23 Naya Nagala  Unreserved
Ward No. 24 Radhe Shyam Colony  Women
Ward No. 25 Ramnagar Yamuna  Women
Ward No. 26 Aurangabad – II  Women
Ward No. 27 Bairagpura  OBC
Ward No. 28 Navneet Nagar  Unreserved
Ward No. 29 Ranchi Bagar  OBC
Ward No. 30 Ban Khandi  OBC Women
Ward No. 31 Mahavidha Colony  OBC
Ward No. 32 Krishna Nagar – II  Unreserved
Ward No. 33 Jaysingh pura  Women
Ward No. 34 Radhanagar  Unreserved
Ward No. 35 Baldevpuri  Women
Ward No. 36 Civil Lines  Women
Ward No. 37 Maholi  OBC
Ward No. 38 Manoharpur  OBC Women
Ward No. 39 Ganeshara  Women
Ward No. 40 Sarai Aazamabad  Unreserved
Ward No. 41 Taram Mandir Unreserved
Ward No. 42 Radhika Bihar  Women
Ward No. 43 Birla Mandir  OBC
Ward No. 44 Radha Nivas  Unreserved
Ward No. 45 Dwarakapuri  OBC
Ward No. 46 Natwar Nagar  Unreserved
Ward No. 47 Daimpiyar Nagar  Unreserved
Ward No. 48 Holi Gali  Women
Ward No. 49 Patthar Pura  Unreserved
Ward No. 50 Govind Nagar Women
Ward No. 51 Chandar puri  OBC
Ward No. 52 Pratap Nagar  Women
Ward No. 53 Balajipuram  OBC Women
Ward No. 54 Gau ghat  Unreserved
Ward No. 55 Koyla Alipur  Unreserved
Ward No. 56 Mandi Ramdar  Unreserved
Ward No. 57 Koyla Gali  Unreserved
Ward No. 58 Krishna puri  Unreserved
Ward No. 59 Ghati Bahalrai  Women
Ward No. 60 Maliyan Sadar  OBC
Ward No. 61 Dhauli pyau  Unreserved
Ward No. 62 Jagannathpuri  Unreserved
Ward No. 63 Keshi ghat  Unreserved
Ward No. 64 Hanuman Tila  Unreserved
Ward No. 65 Mathura Darwaja  Unreserved
Ward No. 66 Shanti Nagar  Women
Ward No. 67 Kemar Van  Unreserved
Ward No. 68 Chaubiya Pada  Unreserved
Ward No. 69 Ratan Chhatari  Unreserved
Ward No. 70  Bihari Pura  Unreserved


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