Firozabad Nagar Nigam Election Result 2017 – Ward Wise Parshad Name & Mayor Winner Name

By | November 29, 2017

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Firozabad Nagar Nikay chunav 2017 was conducted on November 29, 2017 by the State Election commission Uttar Pradesh. Firozabad Nagar Nigam Election Result 2017 will be declared on December 1, 2017. Live Vote counting result will be published here as the UP SEC will announce the result on their official website. There are 70 wards for parshads election with 733 contesting candidates.

Firozabad Nagar Nigam Mayor post election result will be declared on December 1, 2017. There are 11 contesting candidates for Mayor post.

Firozabad Nagar Nigam Election Result 2017 – Mayor Post Election Result

Candidate Name Party Name Remarks
Payal Rathor BSP
Kumari Priyanka Gupta N/A
Nutan Rathor BJP  Winner
Savitri Gupta SP
Masharur Fatima AIMIM
Parveen Urf Shahjahan Parveen INC
Sunita Sharma AAP
Sushama Devi N/A
Seema Devi N/A
Shashi Devi N/A
Mehar Bano N/A


Firozabad Nagar Nigam Election 2017 Details

  • Total No wards in Firozabad Nagar Nigam – 70 Wards
  • Total No of Nagar Palika Parishads – 3 Nagar Palika
  • Total No of Nagar Panchayats – 3 Nagar Panchayats
  • Total Population of Firozabad Nagar Nikay – 6,95,730


Firozabad Nagar Nigam Election Result 2017 – Ward wise winner Parshads Name

Ward No Ward Name Winner Name
Ward No. 1 Sailai
Ward No. 2 Vijay Nagar
Ward No. 3 Nagala  Mirja Bada
Ward No. 4 Bheem Nagar
Ward No. 5 Sarjeevan Nagar
Ward No. 6 Aazad Nagar
Ward No. 7 Karbala
Ward No. 8 Tapakala
Ward No. 9 Bodh Aasharam
Ward No. 10 Nagala Karan Singh
Ward No. 11 New Ramgarh
Ward No. 12 Kak Rau
Ward No. 13 Sarswati Nagar
Ward No. 14 Dak Bangala
Ward No. 15 Dakhal
Ward No. 16 Hanuman Garh
Ward No. 17 Satya Nagar
Ward No. 18 Basadh
Ward No. 19 Sant Nagar
Ward No. 20 Inder Puri
Ward No. 21 Lalpur
Ward No. 22 Asaphabad
Ward No. 23 Purani Madi
Ward No. 24 Kishan Nagar
Ward No. 25 Dholpura
Ward No. 26 Tilak Nagar
Ward No. 27 Pemeshwar Nagar
Ward No. 28 Himanyu – II
Ward No. 29 Tapakhurd
Ward No. 30 Neebu bala bag
Ward No. 31 Mahaveer Nagar
Ward No. 32 Himanyupur -I
Ward No. 33 Jain Nagar
Ward No. 34 Tharputha
Ward No. 35 Nagala Bhau
Ward No. 36 Nagala Pachiya
Ward No. 37 Arya Nagar
Ward No. 38 Raihana
Ward No. 39 Joshiyan
Ward No. 40 Nandram Chauk
Ward No. 41 Gandhi Nagar
Ward No. 42 Ram Nagar
Ward No. 43 New Basti
Ward No. 44 Suhag Nagar
Ward No. 45 Nagala Vishnu
Ward No. 46 Mau. Teela
Ward No. 47 Durgesh Nagar
Ward No. 48 Labor Colony
Ward No. 49 Human Ganj
Ward No. 50 Naya Rasulpur
Ward No. 51 Katra Sunaran
Ward No. 52 Didamai
Ward No. 53 Bagiya
Ward No. 54 Chisti Nagar
Ward No. 55 Taro Bali Bagiya
Ward No. 56 Urdu Nagar
Ward No. 57 Nagala Badi
Ward No. 58 Habib Ganj
Ward No. 59 Kashmiri gate
Ward No. 60 Makka Colony
Ward No. 61 Ramgarh
Ward No. 62 Nagala Gulriya
Ward No. 63 Chhapriya
Ward No. 64 Mu. Husaini
Ward No. 65 Masarur Ganj
Ward No. 66 Tees Phuta
Ward No. 67 Haajipura
Ward No. 68 Galib Nagar
Ward No. 69 Rahi Nagar
Ward No. 70 Shital Khan


Note : UP SEC will announce the Firozabad Nagar Nigam Mayor Election Result, Ward parshads election result 2017 on their official website. After that we will update the Mayor & parshads result here.

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